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It also states that Lilith squares my Chiron and Mercury and trines my Venus. Hi Shannon, thank you for your comment. I do think that Lilith indicates in a chart where we are bold, powerful and true to ourselves. Lilith can also suggest where we have work to do in integrating our power as her energy has been marginalised and distorted — Lilith also indicates exile.

As for the 10th house placement, the answer is both. I just did and I discovered Angela Merkel has a 10th house Lilith placement. Much love Yamini x. What degree is Lilith in Leo at? What planets is she aspecting? What house is she in? Hello Yamini, I love this article and thank you for showing me how to find out where my Liliths are. I have no idea what any of this means! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

In Astrology World By Yamini. GlobalWoman meet Lilith. Lilith meet GlobalWoman. Astrology as a portal to the World.

Which brings me to Lilith. The Evolution of Lilith. Lilith was the first feminist. Is there any aspect of me that is exiled or imprisoned?

What personal practices can I undertake to reclaim these exiled aspects? What do I judge other women for? Shadow work is important in healing unowned aspects of self. What desires have I not brought forth in your life yet? What do I need to let go of to be fully free and to find a life that is mine? In which areas of my life do I feel powerless? How do I resolve conflict without exiling myself? How do I participate in upholding the existing structures of oppression?

Lilith In Aries

Yamini x. Lilith by Dante Rossetti 2. Lilith by Kiki Smith. Find Goddess Lilith in your Astrology Chart. Tags: Lilith. Keri January 26, at pm Reply. Yamini January 27, at am Reply. Vanessa January 28, at pm Reply. Yamini January 28, at pm Reply. Maleficent is most definitely a Lilith archetype and a positive one x. Ally February 9, at am Reply. My Lilith is in Cancer, conjunct my Ascendent.

Black Moon Lilith | the dark temptress in your Astrology

Yamini February 9, at am Reply. Shannon November 12, at pm Reply.

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  3. Lilith In Aries.
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Yamini November 13, at pm Reply. Rysha Lowrey February 1, at am Reply. My Lilith is in Leo would love to know more information about that. Yamini February 6, at pm Reply. Lilith is an all-powerful witch, not to be fucked with! This spell supports working with Black Moon Lilith, your Shadow self, invoking her energy, activating your Black Moon Lilith astrological aspects and giving reverence to the dark angel herself.

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