Ophiuchus traits horoscope

Constellations Serpens and Ophiuchus
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  2. What Is the Ophiuchus Sign and What Are These Signs Like?
  3. Ophiuchus Personality Traits: The Good and the Bad


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What Is the Ophiuchus Sign and What Are These Signs Like?

Discover everything you need to know about your sign and more! Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths. So what are you waiting for?

Who Are The Ophiuchus Starseeds?

Read on! Your life and whole existence could be about to change thanks to the discovery of the 13th zodiac sign; Ophiuchus. Astrology just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to the Ophiuchus zodiac sign and this horoscope revelation could potentially change the way you view your star sign personality.

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We reveal all the essential astrology insights about Ophiuchus, including the dates, personality traits and meaning. What month is the Ophiuchus sign? What are the traits of an Ophiuchus?

  1. What personality traits might be linked to Ophiuchus?.
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  3. You Might Be an Ophiuchus and Not Even Know It — 12 Traits of This Controversial Zodiac Sign.
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  5. Ophiuchus doesn't have an opposite like the other zodiacs. Ophiuchus' lucky number is 12!

    Ophiuchus Personality Traits: The Good and the Bad

    Leave a comment. The only figurehead was the Guardian, and he was so consumed with his quest to cure human mortality that he barely interacted with the people. Master Ophiuchus—An Original Guardian who betrayed the other Houses in his quest for immortality and subsequently suffered in exile while his world fell to darkness and decay.

    • What are the traits of an Ophiuchus?.
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    Facebook Twitter Tumblr Email. Below is a list of attributes associated with the Serpent Holder, Imhotep i.

    The 13th sign of the zodiac, unlike the other 12 signs is actually associated with a real person, Imhotep. However, the attributes are the same under either name. Ophiuchus is a rarely used astrological sign and is not included in most versions of the Zodiac.